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Tips for drinking sparkling wines

Always consume our sparkling wines chilled to a temperature of 4-6 °C. Remove the upper part of the cap from the neck of the bottle with the detachable strip and, pushing back the cap firmly, twist off the wire ring carefully. After this, holding the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees, carefully pull out the cap (giving way to the pressure inside the bottle but not letting the cork shoot out). If you manage to open the bottle like this, you will meet with recognition. Pour a little sparkling wine into the glasses but make sure that it does not spill out of the glass. As the fizzing has calmed down, fill two thirds of the glass.

Clink glasses looking into each other's eyes. CHEERS!

•You can achieve the temperature ideal for consumption of sparkling wine by pre-chilling and always store your BB sparkling wine at this temperature. 
• Always keep the sparkling wine bottle in a sparkling wine bucket filled with a mixture of water and ice, as sparkling wine cools approximately 2 °C every ten minutes.
•There are two basic glasses used for drinking sparkling wine. The so-called flute glass is tall, while the other is wide and bell-shaped. Flutes are better as, unlike the bell-shaped glasses, they hold the bubbles for long. When you are pouring sparkling wine, hold the glass in your hand and tilt it, as the loss of fizz can be considerably reduced this way. Glasses should not be chilled before the sparkling wine is poured into them.
•Fill your glass as much as five sixths with sparkling wine.
•Do not move the sparkling wine in the glass, as it leads to the loss of carbon dioxide.

BB sparkling wines are a joy to drink with the following dishes: 

If you go on a date, always have a bottle of sparkling wine with you BB Semi dry sparkling wine is piquant and exciting with strawberries, or BB Arany Cuvée in itself
BB Dry sparkling wine Caviar; salmon; frutti di mare; marinated or roasted poultry; cream soups; also ice cream;
BB Semi dry sparkling wine Strawberries; pie (warm as well); poultry; delicious with Italian pastas
BB Sweet sparkling wine This sparkling wine is especially recommended as an accompaniment to sweets such as Dobos cake or pancakes a la Gundel. Results in a very interesting match
BB Spumante sweet sparkling wine Sponge cake Somló style; nut strudel; ice cream; cottage cheese cake;
BB Arany Cuvée sweet sparkling wine
  Cream cake; fruit salad (as these sweets contain fruit of various flavours and everyone can choose a BB sparkling wine variety suiting their taste)

The matches recommended in the above table may not correspond to your individual taste so we warmly encourage you to try all seven BB sparkling wine varieties with your dishes. Make your own choice as you might hit upon many interesting matches. 

We often give sparkling wine as a present. If we are invited to somewhere and are at a loss as what to present our host with, we often decide on sparkling wine, as it is easily available, we can get it at a reasonable price and it makes a nice present even if it is not gift-wrapped. If you have no idea what your hosts prefer, the best thing to do is to buy BB semi dry sparkling wine.  

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