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Food and wine pairings


Hungarian fish soupBB Kékfrankos
Breaded pike-perch filet with buttered potatoesBB Olaszrizling
Breaded pike-perch filet with mushroom in cream sauceBB Olaszrizling
Breaded pike-perch filet with a dill and crab ragoutBB Olaszrizling


Chicken leg with zucchini and rice 
BB Szürkebarát
Caesar chicken on a bed of lettuceBB Szürkebarát
Paprika chicken with noodlesBB Rosé Cuvée
Breast of turkey Cordon Bleu with parsley potatoesBB Szürkebarát
Roast leg of goose with steamed cabbageBB Kékfrankos
Goose Liver BB Tramini/BB Muskotály


Stuffed cabbageBB Olaszrizling
Pork stew with noodlesBB Zweigelt
Spit-roasted pork cutlets with side dish BB Olaszrizling


Beef stewBB Kékfrankos, BB Cabernet Sauvignon
Tenderloin with fried egg and potatoesBB Cabernet Sauvignon
Breaded tenderloin filet with potatoesBB Szürkebarát


Red wine game stew with potatoesBB Cabernet Sauvignon
Saddle of wild boar with potato pancakesBB Cabernet Sauvignon
Game dishes prepared with sweet saucesBB Merlot Sweet

Pastas and Noodles

Túrós csusza BB Szürkebarát


Somlói noodlesBB Muskotály
Gundel pancakesBB Tramini

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