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How is wine made?

White Wine

 Since white wine is made by pressing the grapes immediately after they are picked, only the must, which has been separated from the solid parts of the grape, is in the fermenting vat at the time of fermentation. In certain aromatic varieties, the crushed grapes are macerated with their skins for a few hours in order to impart flavour to the must. The must is cooled, fined, and fermented at a low temperature. By so doing, the original flavour and aroma of the grapes are preserved. The fermented wine is racked, filtered, and purified.

 Rosé is made from red grapes with the same technology used for white wine. The harvested red grapes are macerated with their skins for a short period. The length of this period will determine the intensity of the colour of wine. After a brief maceration with the skins, the grapes are pressed. Rosé wine is fermented in the same manner as white wine.

Red Wine
Once the red grapes have been picked, red wines are fermented with their skins. After the stalks and stems have been removed and the grapes have been crushed, the grapes are put into fermenting vats, where the sugar content of the grapes converts into alcohol during the fermentation process. At the same time, colour and flavour are extracted from the grape skins and imparted to the must. At the end of fermentation, the solid parts of the grapes are removed by pressing and the red wine is then racked, clarified, and filtered.

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